Patriotic Cupcakes with Coconut Cream Frosting – The Stone Roses Concert

The 4th of July festivities would not be complete without a bit of chocolate to sweeten the palate? The moist taste of this gluten-free, vegan cupcake combined with the smooth texture of the coconut cream makes each bite heavenly. The strawberry sauce and fresh blueberries are an added bonus to top this flavourful delight. Continue reading “Patriotic Cupcakes with Coconut Cream Frosting – The Stone Roses Concert”

Healthy Chocolate Chip and Shredded Coconut Granola Bars

Granola bars are an easy, nutritious and portable snack. But most store-bought bars are full of refined sugars, partially hydrogenated oils and fillers which will only lead to weight gain and other health issues. I have created a gluten-free granola bar that is easy to make and will satisfy your cravings without the added unhealthy ingredients. Continue reading “Healthy Chocolate Chip and Shredded Coconut Granola Bars”

Chocolate Chip and Banana Breakfast Cookies

Happy Memorial Day! I thought I would slip in a quick recipe in case you were looking for something simple and healthy to make. Truth is, I am feeling a bit guilty because we actually left our 4 boys for one night this weekend, which is a rare occurrence. A long overdue, much needed escape to see some friends act in a play called “ART”. The performance, I may add, was fantastic. So here I am making my boys one of their favorite “healthy” treats just so I can see the big smiles on their faces.

Continue reading “Chocolate Chip and Banana Breakfast Cookies”

Quinoa Pizza Balls with a Simple Homemade Marinara Sauce

Spring is in the air! I love this time of year. The world is a much happier place when the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming wouldn’t you say? It also means school is coming to an end. YAY! My job as a full-time Uber driver becomes part-time. No more drop-off/pick-ups at school and over-scheduled activities to attend. It is also party time! Memorial Day is approaching and graduation parties are around the corner. Whether you are hosting a party or attending one, these quinoa pizza balls make a great tasting, healthy option. Continue reading “Quinoa Pizza Balls with a Simple Homemade Marinara Sauce”

Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake with Buttercream Chocolate Frosting… Happy Birthday!

This allergen friendly cake mix is a great substitute if you are looking for a vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free recipe. Replace the nut topping, milk and flour and it can be nut-free as well. Using unrefined sugar, which is a much better alternative, gives it a nice rich taste. The texture is moist and the flavor is divine making it hard to believe that this is a gluten-free cake! Continue reading “Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake with Buttercream Chocolate Frosting… Happy Birthday!”

Ultimate Walnut Brownies Recipe

This will actually be my first post… How exciting!!!  If you had a chance to look at my Cooking Story  you will see I love reinventing meals into wholesome goodness!  I turned a simple dessert into something vegan, gluten-free, healthy and delicious!  The look on everyone’s face when I told them the ingredients was rewarding.  With its moist, fudge-like texture and perfect crunch this tasty treat was not only delectable but also filled with tons of nutrients! Continue reading “Ultimate Walnut Brownies Recipe”