Running Story

My running journey began when I joined track in High School at 14 years of age and I continued doing so in college.  Later, I discovered my passion for running longer distances and decided to train for marathons.  Hey, I thought since I absolutely love to travel why not combine the two.  So my first marathon was in Dublin, Ireland in 2001.  Shortly afterward, I ran the NYC Marathon in 2003.  During that time I met my wonderful husband.  We got married and I began creating my almost complete basketball team.  I thought I would be able to run while I was pregnant, but the overwhelming feeling of nausea that consumed me on a daily basis for several months took all that drive out of me.  I decided to focus on these little lives I was creating and just run a few shorter races in between pregnancies.  So when 2015 rolled along and I was not pregnant, my body did not know what to do with itself.  So my mind told me to train for a marathon.  Training for a marathon as a carefree person in her 20’s was a piece of cake.  Now with children to feed, homework to finish, animals to tend to there are no more 5 am runs!  So I make the best with what I am dealing with because running is and always has been everything to me.

5K 19:39 (Harrington Park Fall Spectacular 2014)
10K 42:33 (Terri Roemer Paramus Run 2014)
Half Marathon 1:35:58 (Newport Liberty Half Marathon 2016)
Marathon 3:21:26 (Steamtown Marathon 2015)


Running is my therapist, my personal trainer, my nutritionists and my moment of peace. It makes me smile and calms me down while keeping me healthy and giving me energy when I need it the most. I reflect on the important parts of life while running and in this way it becomes my spiritual partner. It gives me the strength, confidences and a sense of accomplishment which makes my life complete.

Gabrielle Panepinto Reiser