3 Steps To Do A Simple 24 Hour Fast

The thought of NOT eating a solid meal for an entire day may seem difficult. The positive side to this process will only help you purify your body and your overall well-being. Most importantly, a 24 hour fast will give your digestive system a rest and time to refuel with some healthy juices which in turn may help improve your skin, mood and contribute to weight loss. Continue reading “3 Steps To Do A Simple 24 Hour Fast”

5 Great Tips for Skin Protection

Can you guess what is the largest organ of the human body? It is our skin, which makes it the biggest defender from germs and toxins. It also helps regulate our body temperature, protects us from the sun and gives us the feeling to say, “Ouch, that hurts!” So how do we take care of our biggest bodyguard?

Here are 5 great ways you can assure that your skin is being cared for properly and some helpful tips you don’t want to miss! Continue reading “5 Great Tips for Skin Protection”