Who Is She…

She is the one that motivates me. She is the one that inspires me. She is the one that pushes me to succeed. She is always there and will never let me down. We have been flying in the sky since my feet began to run. She helps to keep me focused. She helps me reach that high.

Meet My Shadow…

Fearless, confident and strong she guides me in the darkness. Focused on the dance in the deep cavernous forest, partnered with the thrill that consumes us on this dark, brisk evening. Mind racing, heart pounding… but not from just the rush from the run but for the unknown that lies ahead. Because on this trail in the mysterious, moonlit sky, my shadow and I become one.

Who is she... Run Cook Laugh
Tuesday Night Trail Run

No matter how challenging the terrain may be, she is there pushing me further. No matter how cold the conditions feel, she is there to bring me warmth. She takes away the harshness of the frigid brisk air as it fills my lungs. With each step she will glide me safely over the ice and protect me if I fall. She will forever lead me once again as I allow her to guide the way.

Who is she... Run Cook Laugh 7
Oak Tree Trail Run

The further I climb the harder she pushes… and when there seems to be no end the stronger she pulls… until the top of the mountain is conquered. My confidence is then replenished as I drink my fears away for not 1… 2… 3… but 4 more challenging hills to overcome.

Who is she... Run Cook Laugh 8
Alpine Boat Basin Hill Repeats

The run will forever call me and I will always be ready, with My Shadow by my side.

When is your favorite time to run?

What motivates you while you are running?

Did you ever run at night or in the snow? Don’t tell me I’m the only person that does this!

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6 thoughts on “Who Is She…

  1. I love running and your writing brought me back to my racing days! I always looked for motivation wherever I can find it. I ran as a group, so we’d always challenge ourselves. I used to run trails in SF when I lived there. I never ran at night though! That sounds like so much fun. I think I’ll have to try it now!

    1. Trails in SF must have been amazing! Yes you should definitely try a night run. It takes running to another level!

  2. You are truly inspiring. How do you find the time with 4 boys!? I must admit, I sometimes have trouble finding time alone with my three kids (2 girls, 1 boy)! By the way, where are those pictures taken? The view is sublime. To answer your first question, I run in the mornings when the kids are off to school. I can barely walk in the snow let alone run in the snow!!lol

    1. Thank you! It’s not easy but they are worth every second. The pictures are taken on some local trails. I also run when the kids are at school. I’m definitely a morning runner!

  3. I love the writing! Your words express the passion that you feel for running! I run and bike. Exploring new distances or times is what motivates me best! Do you listen to music when you run? I do sometimes! It gets me over the last-few-miles hump!

    1. Thank you! Running is a passion of mine and expressing it just flows for me. I only listen to music, watch basketball or cooking shows on the treadmill.

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