Where Do You Go…

The invigorating feeling while your feet pound the pavement. Where your mind and body are one as you float on a cloud. Stronger, harder and faster as your muscles contract to give you that final thrust. Breathing in the air that gives you life and energy allowing you to take that next step. We are the many, yet only the few that call ourselves runners.

To be able to push yourself beyond your body’s threshold. Lover of the pain, thrill and excitement when reaching that finish line. Most importantly, what it took to get you there. Time, energy and sacrifice all to reach that goal. Be grateful for this power and use it to motivate yourself beyond your comfort zone. Never forget, we are fortunate to have this body, this mind and this soul. Block the discomfort and the doubt that may stop you from reaching that goal. Find that mark and catch them because you are the hunter searching for your prey. Once you pass them, you yearn for your next victim who is unaware of their fate. Because in a crowd full of strangers, there is only one champion.Version 2

Where do you go to find your strength? It all comes down to that one day in time. No matter how hard you train… your body may be ready, but most importantly, your mind has to be in the right place. I would love to hear about where you go…

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