Top 3 Benefits of Trail Running

If you picked up running during the course of your life, you know the benefits physically and mentally that are attributed to this amazing sport. Like most repetitious activities, you may need a little something to spice up the routine. I am always on the hunt for my next adventure and I have discovered one that gets your heart racing, mind focused and your vision stimulated… Trail Running! Continue reading “Top 3 Benefits of Trail Running”

3 Great Tips for Beginner Runners – How to Stay Injury-Free

There are a variety of reasons people pick up running. Whether it is for recreation, competitive purposes or getting back into shape, running is a simple activity that you can do anywhere and at anytime. There also is no age discrimination when it comes to this sport. You can be 3 or 85 years old, if you are up for the challenge, those legs can take you anywhere. Continue reading “3 Great Tips for Beginner Runners – How to Stay Injury-Free”

5 Great Tips for Skin Protection

Can you guess what is the largest organ of the human body? It is our skin, which makes it the biggest defender from germs and toxins. It also helps regulate our body temperature, protects us from the sun and gives us the feeling to say, “Ouch, that hurts!” So how do we take care of our biggest bodyguard?

Here are 5 great ways you can assure that your skin is being cared for properly and some helpful tips you don’t want to miss! Continue reading “5 Great Tips for Skin Protection”