Steamtown Marathon Training 2016: Week 2 – Coldplay Concert

The topic of the week is zzz… SLEEP. Yes, one of the many things necessary to allow your body to recover, but are you getting enough? If you live in an area like I do where there is too much to do and not enough time in the day to do it, sometimes sleep falls to the wayside. Or maybe there are too many exciting events to attend all in one week… like a Coldplay Concert perhaps?

Colplay Concert - July 2016 - runcooklaugh.comIf you read my last post, Easy To Make Dairy Free Yogurt with Probiotics ~ Toby Lightman’s Amazing Performance, I like to combine something fun going on in my week so you don’t just think I… RunCook. This is where the Laugh comes into play. I love to have a good time and this week was a great one. I not only saw one of my favorite bands in concert, my husband surprised me with fantastic seats! He’s a keeper!😘 Coldplay achieved their fame with the release of the smash hit single “Yellow” back in 2000. They continue to rock the stage with their lyrics and sound, attracting followers near and far. They are truly one of the #1 alternative rock bands around.

Coldplay Live at MetLife Stadium – July 16, 2016
Watch on YouTube: Fix You

Chris Martin’s energetic and captivating performance was nothing but astonishing. He and his band wowed their fans with an incredible set of lights, colors, fireworks, balloons, and confetti. I have to share a few clips from this amazing concert!  He ran back and forth several times on the stage… Is he training for a marathon?😜  His form is not so bad either!

Coldplay Live at MetLife Stadium – July 16, 2016
Watch on YouTube: Drunk and High

As you can see sleep was not a priority this week. Growing up I always used to say, “Sleep is for the dead”. I was one of those people who can, and sometimes still does, function on a few hours of sleep. Although, as we get older, it does get a bit harder to manage, especially when running several miles a week.

Coldplay Live at MetLife Stadium – July 16, 2016
Watch on YouTube: Everglow

The effects sleep deprivation has on an athlete can be detrimental to their performance, but this all depends on the individual. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average adult needs 7 – 9 hours of sleep a day. I certainly do not get that much sleep every night. With this being an average estimate, each person’s needs may differ. The perfect example is my husband can sleep 12 hours if he was not surrounded by a chaotic zoo of kids and cats in our home. I, on the other hand, will get up at the crack of dawn no matter what time I go to bed. My husband requires stimulants to allow him to be alert throughout the day. I require hydration, like water, and occasionally have a green drink or something sweet for a little pick me up. The key is to determine if the lack of sleep is effecting your training and over-all well being. I definitely needed more sleep for some of my runs this week!

WEEK 2 MARATHON TRAINING SCHEDULESteamtown Marathon Training: Week 2 - Coldplay Concert 7-

1 mile warm up and then 7:00 – 7:10 pace for one mile, 7:40 – 7:50 pace next mile
START TIME: 7:30 am
It was a beautiful morning. I felt pretty good for this run. At the end when I was stretching my right knee hurt a little on the right side. I made sure to stretch my quads.

CROSS-TRAINING: 1 hour fitness classSteamtown Marathon Training/ Week 2 - Coldplay Concert -

SNEAKER: New Balance
START TIME: 9:30 am
I usually do a class on this day because it not only strengths my legs it also helps my shoulders and arms since they are prone to dislocate. My knee still hurts.

CROSS-TRAINING: 1 hour fitness class, 1 hour hip hop classSteamtown Marathon Training: Week 2 - Coldplay Concert 1 -

Warmup 1 – 2 miles then 7:55 – 8:15 pace
START TIME: 10:15 am
I ran later than I would like because I had a busy day and had to get a post out before the chaos began. Roger told me to take it easy today if my knee was still hurting like it was last night. Fortunately, the pain subsided and I was able to complete my workout. Thank goodness!

CROSS-TRAINING: noSteamtown Marathon Training/ Week 2 - Coldplay Concert -

2 mile warm up + 4 strides and then 4 x 800 meters (200 meters @ 6:40 pace, 400 meters @ 6:20 pace, 200 meters @ 6:30 pace) 400 meters easy recovery jog between intervals. 1 mile cool down
START TIME: 8:45 am
I thought I started out early enough, but it was still extremely hot. I tried to manage my scheduled training pace, but it was difficult in the heat. I also have not been sleeping enough lately. Trying to accomplish the many tasks required of me during the day is keeping me up too late. Knee felt fine during the run but as the day progressed, I felt a little pain.

DO-OVER PLAN: I have to start running earlier, need to get more sleep
CROSS-TRAINING: noSteamtown Marathon Training/ Week 2 - Coldplay Concert -

Easy 3 – 4 miles on a track or grass
SNEAKER: New Balance
START TIME: 7:00 pm
Ran an easy run on the track with my boys. It was late, but still pretty hot. My knee hurts a little.

DO-OVER PLAN: Need more sleep, should stick to stability sneakers
CROSS-TRAINING: 1 hour fitness classSteamtown Marathon Training/ Week 2 - Coldplay Concert -

Relaxed pace for the long run
START TIME: 8:00 am

An easy trail run is just what I needed on this hot summer morning. My knee is also bothering me a little so the soft surface was perfect. I was on my feet all day and then I went to see Coldplay in concert. Definitely was worth it though!

DO-OVER PLAN: try not to stand all day

My knee feels better. Yay! I definitely needed to take it easy today because I went to bed late and I was on my feet all day yesterday.  A barbecue at my teammate’s house was a great way to relax… Thank you Mary Beth and Lawrence!😉

DO-OVER PLAN: try not to stand all day

OVERVIEW: Getting the right amount of sleep may effect your training schedule. The importance of sleep varies on the individual. My week of training required more hours of sleep to function at optimal speed.  I also realized that I should be wearing a stability sneaker like my Asics.  I will have to exchange the Brooks because they are a neutral shoe.  I think it is throwing my alignment off and causing knee problems.

What is your favorite Coldplay song?

Do you get enough sleep?

Did you ever have knee pains? If so, how did you manage to alleviate the discomfort?

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2 thoughts on “Steamtown Marathon Training 2016: Week 2 – Coldplay Concert

  1. Those are fantastic seats! Coldplay puts on a great show. Raising 4 boys, how do you find time to train!? I love your training recaps. They are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your secrets!

    1. It really was a great show. My husband surprised me with great seats since he knows they are one of my favorite bands. Raising 4 boys is not easy but it is a lot of fun. I am glad you are finding the recaps motivating!!!

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