On Your Mark… Get Set… Go!

Happy Mother’s Day! Today is one of my favorite times of the year. I am proud to be a mom to 4 loving, sweet boys that sometimes drive me up the wall. I am also blessed to be the daughter to an amazing mother who taught me everything I know as a parent.

Gabrielle Panepinto Reiser and her boysIf you get a chance to read my Cooking Story in the About page, you can see I grew up with a big family which included 3 girls and 1 boy. The unconditional love, warmth and devotion from my parents made me the mother I am today and I am so grateful.

So on this special day, I like to do what most mothers do… and that is to run a race😜 Was that a failed attempt at sarcasm?😱 Yes, I usually run a back to back (10k/5k) at the JCC Rubin Run which I came in 2nd for the 10k and 3rd for the 5k for women last year. The healing process after my surgery has set me back. Fortunately, I get to live vicariously through my kids, my husband and my teammates. They had a great day today!

Rubin Run 2016-Gabrielle Panepinto Reiser 10My husband PR’d his 10k race!  Due to unusual circumstances I was unable to get a better picture of him running the race. The baby deciding to sleep in… which he never did before and then I had to walk in the rain for a few blocks with 3 kids because there was no parking!! Sorry honey😟Rubin Run 2016-Gabrielle Panepinto Reiser

Kid 1 came in 3rd place for his age group in the 5k.  Watch how he passes this 17 year old at the finish line.  That’s my boy!!!Rubin Run 2016-Gabrielle Panepinto ReiserVersion 2

Kid 2 chatted the entire time to the people around him in the 5k.  He definitely is my social butterfly!  I always wonder how fast he could really run if he would just stop talking.

Rubin Run 2016-Gabrielle Panepinto ReiserKid 3, my 5 year old, ran his first 5k!  We like to start them early😉

Rubin Run 2016-Gabrielle Panepinto Reiser 4Here are Kimberly Aspholm and Stephen Katz from FinKraft bringing home trophies!  Great job guys!!!

Rubin Run 2016-Gabrielle Panepinto ReiserIt was interesting being a spectator since I am usually racing but I wasn’t alone. I had Kid 4 to keep me company. His time to shine will come soon and he’s eager to get started.

I have to say it has been difficult breaking from my routine of running everyday. Running for me is not only physical it is also mental therapy… so if I’m acting a bit nutty we all know why😜 I’m throwing all my attention into my blog, cooking and of course my family. Also, I am hoping my planter fasciitis would just go away, but after 5 weeks of not running, the intermittent throbbing pain isn’t subsiding like I hoped! So I guess some rest, crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer is not working. I have to heel my heal😆 before training for Steamtown Marathon in October and Boston Marathon in April. I can then get into my training schedule, nutrition, etc…leading me up to the big day. I would love any advice, tips or just a shoulder to cry on until I am better. For now, I will be the photographer/cheerleader for my family and friends as they bring home the hardware… so proud of my boy!Rubin Run 2016-Gabrielle Panepinto Reiser 8

Were you ever injured while training?

Did you ever have planter fasciitis?

What is your favorite thing to do on Mother’s Day?

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10 thoughts on “On Your Mark… Get Set… Go!

  1. Well done to all of you!
    Very inspiring! Makes me feel guilty for being so lazy
    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  2. Beautiful, athletic family! It’s great to instill these tendencies at an early age. Way to go!

    1. Thank you! I believe that we are our children’s first teachers and they observe everything we do. Incorporating fitness is crucial in living a healthy lifestyle. I appreciate your feedback!!!

  3. To answer your question, I did strain my calf once while running. I wrapped it in ice, massaged it and it took about 7 days to feel better.

    1. I’m glad to hear it wasn’t a lingering injury. I’m realizing that this heel issue I am having may be a bone spur

  4. What a beautiful family…from the bottom of my heart! The family the runs together stays together.

    1. Thanks for the advice! I recently had an unrelated surgery and I haven’t been running for almost 6 weeks… so hard to do since running is everything to me. It was the best way to get me to stop running though. Unfortunately it didn’t fix my heel

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